About us

The trading centre for electronic components

materialboerse.de was founded at the beginning of 1999 as the business stream of  ecoservice - Gesellschaft zur Vermarktung von electronic commerce Anwendungen mbH The two managing directors, Uwe Böttcher and Falk Neubert have set themselves the goal of building up a second market for dealing in leftover and surplus stocks. Production companies can sell components in an ecologically sound way and gain financially through materialboerse.de.

Currently more than 2000 companies are already taking the opportunity to minimise their stored stocks by means of this distribution channel (as at December 2018). The B2B marketing centre is used by companies from Europe, America and Asia.

In addition to administering the sale of components through the Internet marketing centre, materialboerse.de offers to undertake a manual global search for required products as a commissioned service.

materialboerse.de successfully introduced a quality management system in 2008. As part of the certification according to ISO EN DIN 9001 and ISO EN DIN 14001, management processes in the company were optimized and standardized.


This gives our customers and suppliers the security of a qualified cooperation with our company.